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MAQNIFY Experience Guide

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Great entertainment for your car journey

Turning motorway journeys into exciting adventures!

Historical places, picturesque regions and sights worth seeing. Find out what the brown tourist information signs on the motorway are referring to.

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It’s so easy to use!

The Experience Guide briefly explained

Turn your next motorway journey into an exciting adventure. The MAQNIFY Experience Guide is your live audio tourist guide for when you’re out and about. Simply activate the live mode before setting off and listen to the exciting audio texts relating to all brown motorway signs.

Open the app before beginning your journey and activate the live mode. Make sure you have allowed the Experience Guide to access your location while using the app. For the best listening experience, connect your smartphone to your vehicle using either Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Bluetooth Audio.

At every brown information sign along your route, you will automatically receive a short account of the nearby sights and places of interest. The audio file starts automatically when passing the sign. You will also be able to see on the map how far each destination is from your actual position

Let the information inspire you to make a short stop or make a note of the sight for a future visit. You can read up on all the destinations from home or while travelling as a passenger by using the map or list view. Besides this, numerous event highlights can be found in the in-depth entries on the app.


Intuitive exploring

The tourist destination of Germany offers an incredible variety of towns and cities, Baroque palaces, medieval castle ruins, picturesque nature parks and delightful wine regions. The Experience Guide will acquaint you with everything worth knowing and provide you with many excursion tips – always when you drive past a brown tourist sign.

In the Experience Guide, all locations are displayed on an interactive overview map or in the clearly arranged list. The more detailed premium sights feature practical links to websites and tourist information next to the text and images. A simple click is all that it takes for your chosen navigation app to take you directly to each sight.

Festivals, concerts, markets and castle pageants – there’s a countless variety of leisure opportunities in Germany. Many premium sights present their annual event highlights directly in the app. It’s also easy to save your favoured events directly to your personal calendar.

Interesting facts

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Summary of the app’s functions